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Kyrgyz-German Venture "TRIOD" Limited
Recycling of Scrap of Ferrous, Nonferrous and Precious Metal

We are making the wholsale purchases and collecting:

Ferrous Metals

industrial and common scrap of ferrous metals, stainless and high-alloy stee.

Non-ferrous Metals

crap that contains nonferrous metals and alloys – copper, brass, bronze, zinc, aluminium, lead, nickel, tin, molybdenum, nichrome, ferronichrome, tungsten, titanium etc. – in any condition.

Precious Metals

  • electronics wastes containing precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, platinum) in any condition – curcuit boards, plugs, sockets, chips, radio components etc.
  • scrap and wastes containing precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, rhodium) in any condition.
  • dead catalysts (for oil-refining industry, vehicles etc.) containing precious metals (palladium, platinum).

We are making the purchases usually in one of our workshops or branches. If it is necessary we can use our trucks to remove the scrap from the seller's enterprise.


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