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The nature in the Kyrgyz Republic is rich and fine. One more question that is significant for industry (especially for plants dealing with extracting, refining and recycling of the metal materials) is the preservation of environment.

As patriots of the native land we takecare of the ecological situation of our country. This question could be solved by active interests of both management and average executives..

Aerial view on Shabdan baatyra St.just only 500 m from our Head Office
Aerial view on Shabdan baatyra St. –
just only 500 m from
our Head Office


Alamedinskoye Gorge – about 15 km
from the City of Bishkek

The wastes of metal recycling differ from common wastes (in quantiy as well as in quality). The general aim of the techinques modernization is reducing of environment pollution including accurate techniques of wastes recylcing and removal, air protection, noise absorbtion and developing of the modern recycling systems.

All our scrap is recycled by German techniques in accordance with the strict requirements of environment protection. The European ecological legislation is to be developed ad exemplum of the Germany laws. That means, for instance, that manufacturer is responsible for its production after working-life and all products must be partible and eligible for recycling.


The ecological aspect is really significant for us – Kyrgyzstan is both the Land of our ancestry and the Land of our progeny. The Lord has presented us with unique mountain landscapes, virgin nature, clear air, great annual amount of sunny days and enormous value (in the World scale) of pure water resourses – artesian and glacial. We must leave it for our descendants.

A pearl of Kyrgyzstan – never freezing lake Issyk-Kul (with water chemical composition close to marine)


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