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Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals are the technical name of iron and iron alloys (steel, cast iron, ferroalloys).

All process of work with ferrous metals can be divided into three stages:

1. Purchases and collecting of the scrap metal

We are making the wholsale purchases and collecting of the industrial and common scrap of ferrous metals, stainless and high-alloy steel – usually in one of our workshops or branches. If it is necessary we can use our trucks to remove the scrap from the seller's enterprise.

2. Sorting, dismantling and scraping

Then the scrap is sorted and gas-cutted (large dimension items) in the preliminary storing area. Thin sheet scrap is pressed into packages.

3.Delivery of the conditioned scrap

The finished product is the scrap that is sorted out and ready for remelting. The product can be delivered by freight-car, freight container or truck. The monthly sales volume is 2000 tons for ferrous metals and 100 tons for stainless and high-alloy steel.


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