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Non-ferrous Metals

Nonferrous metals - the technical name of all metals and their alloys (except iron and its alloys named ferrous metals). The term "nonferrous metals" in Russian corresponds to the term "nonferrous metals" in many other languages: English - non-ferrous metals; French - мétaux non-ferreux, métaux non-ferrugineux; German - Nichteisenmetalle(Also farbige Metalle - nonferrous metals and Buntmetalle, literally - motley metals). In the technical conditional classification of nonferrous metals on which they are divided to various signs, characteristic for this or that group is accepted: easy metals, heavy nonferrous metals, precious metals (including. Platinum metals), refractory metals, absent-minded metals, rare-earth metals, radioactive metals.


We buy a breakage and a waste containing nonferrous metals - copper, a brass, bronze, zinc, aluminium, lead, nickel, tin, molybdenum, nihtom, ferronihrom, tungsten, the titan, etc. in any kind.

The meltdown of a breakage of aluminium is made on specialised induction furnaces. Industrial volume - 180 tons of aluminium alloys a month.




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