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We purchase ferrous and non-iron scrap metals, providing all the necessary documentation. Payments are provided in cash immediately or via bank transfer.

Fair acceptance, high prices, and an accurate electronic scale regularly examined by the Kyrgyz Center for Standardization and Metrology. 

We organize scrap metal transportation under conditions profitable to each client within and outside Bishkek; the transportation services are free starting at 500 kg using the company’s own transport.

The entire process of working with ferrous and non-iron scrap metal can be divided into three stages:

1. Закупка и сбор металлолома
1. Purchasing and collecting scrap metal

We perform retail and wholesale purchase and collection of industrial scrap and waste as well as household scrap non-iron and ferrous metals and stainless and compound steel. Purchasing is performed on the territory of our manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

Acceptance of non-iron scrap metals is performed according to the requirements of State Standard 1639-2009, and that of ferrous scrap metal is in accordance with State Standard 2787-86.

We purchase the following metals and alloys:

  • Copper scrap (cable, pieces, strips, enameled wire, burnt wire, mixed, copper filings);
  • Brass scrap (LS63, LS59, radiators, mixed, brass filings);
  • Bronze scrap (BrAI, BrTP, BrB, mixed, bronze filings);
  • Aluminum and its alloys scrap (electrical wire, cooking, AD31 profile, automotive disks, offset, radiators, tires, aircraft, aluminum filings);
  • Stainless steel scrap (containing Ni=8-10%, Cr=18%);
  • Nickel and its alloys scrap (anodes, nichrome, ferronichrome, ferronickel);
  • Lead and its alloys scrap (lead cable shell, weights, remelt, used accumulator batteries of polypropylene, ebonite, and helium);
  • Zinc and its alloys scrap (carburetors, grids, plumbing, accessories);
  • Tungsten, titanium and its alloys scrap (tungsten carbide, carbides, high-speed steel);
  • Ferrous scrap (3A, 5A, 12A, cast iron, etc.);
2. Сортировка, разборка и резка лома
2. Sorting, disassembling, pressing, and cutting scrap metal

In the preliminary storage premises, scrap is sorted, disassembled, cleaned of non-metal parts, and cut from other metals and to dimensions with a plasma cutter. Tinplate, sheets, and wires are pressed into bales using a baling press.

3.Поставки подготовленного лома

3. Supplying collected scrap

Our product of sorted scrap is ready for melting. Supplying is performed using railcars, open cars, containers, and automobiles. Sales of ferrous material scrap amount to approximately 3,000 tons per year, and those of non-iron scrap to approximately 1,200 tons per year.